Finding my flow

In order for me to stay in a healthy flow I have to remember that I have to find the one that works specifically for me. The thing about finding a flow, is that you have to look first and try things out before you will know what works best for you. I feel like this will be an ongoing task, as I keep trying new things as I discover them because you will never know if it works for you unless you try.

So far I have discovered this about me: If I don’t express myself through writing daily, I lose a part of myself and begin to focus things that are not in line with my path and that others have decided for me. So it’s vital that I reflect daily through writing on what I need to improve and what I finally got right. To keep myself on the path that I have set out for myself with the guidance of my maker.

People are always going to throw curveballs at you. They are on their own path, and you have to understand that their behaviour has nothing to do with you. What works for me when curveballs are thrown and I don’t handle them well, is breathing. I have to remind myself to breath, to remain calm and that everything will work out as it should. Shifting my focus to my breathing also takes my attention away from the curveball and onto the source of my life, the breath that I breathe and it keeps me in a place of gratitude no matter what is happening around me.

Am I perfectly calm in every storm? Absolutely not! I am a work in progress, and when I dont manage to keep my calm, when I finally get a moment to breathe, I remind myself that I am a work in progress and that I can do better next time. If I need to apologise for anything, once I have calmed myself, I make sure to do that. Nobody is perfect, we all have our quirks, our imperfections. It’s what makes us who we are and what makes our journey that much more interesteing. Imagine we all had it figured out from day 1? There were no ups or downs, just everything figured out all the time. Although it may sound tempting, I somehow feel that we would grow tired and bored very quickly because our minds are made to wonder, to look for growth, we are always seeking ourselves and we are always trying to be better.

Finding my flow little by little has been the most rewarding process for me. I know now that my mornings cannot be rushed, or chaos will follow. I know that waking up early and getting to see the sunrise fills me with a level of calm and peace that not many can understand as yet. I know that I love being out in nature and absorbing everything that mother Earth has to offer me. I know that hugs and kisses are important, and telling people that I love how I feel is too. I know that not everyone is for me and I struggle to let go sometimes, but this is a work in progress. I also know that I have so much to give, but I hold back out of fear (I have improved here). My flow is coming together. Every day I discover new things about myself, everyday I grow into a me that has a bigger smile, a louder laugh and a heart that no longer feels broken.

I am growing into a happier me. A more peaceful me. A me that feels like I am on the right path. There is less of a struggle and more harmony. Thats how I know that everyday I get closer to the me that I was created to be.

Find your flow, do what works for you. Forget the opinions of others and try new things until you find what you need. Never stop looking, for the peace in your heart and when you find it, never stop following it.

Love and light.


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