Mental health

When I started this blog 4 years ago I had no idea what I was doing, clueless, but determined to find my voice. I keep talking about finding my voice because I want you to understand how damaging it is to be silenced because of fear.

A challenge that I had to face was a fear of being left behind. This was a result of me getting used to important people leaving my life from a young age. So I didnt want to speak up because I was afraid it would make people that I cared about leave. I know now, that this is unhealthy and I speak my mind, understanding that those that cannot recieve my words and stay are just not meant to be in my space. I am ok with that now, in fact, I would rather have people leave then stay and have a negative impact on my mental health.

Mental health is a topic many run away from in my community. It’s almost taboo, but its also one of the greatest challenges we face as a community. The mental health of our youth is really in danger because of how we are taught to hide and be silent. Silence does not remove a problem, it only creates a bigger on inside the person being silenced. I have never understood why families choose to protect members that have harmed people for the sake of the family name… It baffles me. It really does.

I have struggled with my mind on many occasions. Not because I am weak, but because I didnt know better. Once I was given the information on how to begin a healing process, mental health became something I made sure I took seriously. If I am having a rough time and I need a day… I take it. Not only because my sanity depends on it but also my life… If I lose the plot, who knows what explosions could happen. Divorce is not an easy thing for a child to recover from, as an adult that had to endure this as a child, I can definately relate to the mental health issues that develop in children exposed to difficult divorces. Then theres the rest of life we have to deal with, child molestation, rape, incest, physical abuse, emotional abuse and this list just goes on. How can we not prioritise our mental health? How can we not prioritise the mental health of our children?

I know its difficult to accept that we are struggling sometimes, because we want to believe that we are always in control. I can relate to this because I am that person too, but once we allow ourselves to feel our feelings and to recieve help not only from those that love us , but also professional help if we need it, the world becomes a much easier place to navigate through.

There are people in my life with mental helath issues, they are beautiful human beings, they didnt ask for their challenges , but were given them none the less. This does not make them any less beautiful and loveable than anyone else. They are actively taking care of themselves ensuring that they keep themselves healthy and openly discussing their challenges when they need to. Hiding mental helath issues does no good for anybody. Trust me, you rather sit and have that conversation with your loved one than have to stand next to their grave because you could not make the effort.

Listen to the hearts of those around you and be there when they need you. If it’s you that needs to be heard, speak your truth, because not speaking your truth can lead to much more pain than you realise.

Live your life with love, speak your truth and live in peace.

Please read my posts on Mental chains,Mind Battles and Healthy boundaries that relate to mainting a positive metal state. Take care of you, because this is the only life you get.

Love and light



    • It really can be very very disheartening. The key is to focus on why you are doing it and let the response or the numbers be what they may. You cannot control antone else but yourself 🤗 so write your heart out and people will come orthey wont… Either way you get to express yourself. Enjoy the process 🌸

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