Be better

I know that my heart wants to be in another place doing more, but I also know that every step I take leads me to that direction that I envision in my mind. The direction of freedom. Freedom to be all that I envision myself to be, to be everything I dream of and everything I believe.

If I look at my life now, I could say…Who you think you fooling Tammy? but I dont … I choose to tell myself everyday that I will do my best today to do better than I did yesterday. Even the smallest improvement matters. I will push myself forward even if the world is trying to hold me back. The fears I have in my heart cannot stop me unless I let them. They do not have power over me or control me anymore. because even though they are there, I am brave and I am strong and I will overcome the fears that try to hold me down.

Dont look at me with eyes of sadness, no… look at me with joy, because even though my journey has been rough, I still live. While others have not made it , Here I stand. I stand tall looking towards the future but not trying to predict it, I look back, reminiscing of my past but not reliving it… because who I am is now. I am the me that wants to learn how to be better, that looks to the light in everyday and marvels at its beauty. I am the me that wants find peace and joy in the midst of alll my challenges.

I am all that I can be for today, for now, but tomorrow is another day, its another story, its another me. A grown me, a changed me, a better me. A me that looks at yesterday and smiles, because I know that I am driven to be better than that girl I was yesterday, even if life brings me to my knees today, I will stand up when I am able, I will dust myself off, lift my head high and try again tomorrow.

Love and light



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