Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Life’s not always going to be an upward movement, you have to come down at some point. I’ve learnt to always appreciate my ups, because I never know when they going to end.

February was a good month, I consider it to be an up for me, Lots of memories were made and I made so many decisions to make changes in my life. March seems to be starting on a downward trot, throwing all sorts of interesting curveballs at me. But this is the rhythm of life … Is it not? The ups and downs make it exciting, challenging and worth while.

Forget yesterday, stop stressing about tomorrow, what matters is now. Who you are now, what you do now. This will determine your tomorrow and yesterday cannot be changed so there’s no point in letting it change your now. Take the lessons yesterday gave you and use them to make now a happier place to be… tomorrow will see to itself when its time for it to come.

Love and light


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