Signs and Signals

2017 post that is just as relevant to me now as it was then.


Signs vs signals, movement vs being stationary. It’s easy to know something and do nothing with that information. Or be told something and agree, yet still do nothing with that information. Doing nothing gets you nowhere, its in the movement (no matter how slight it may be) where the changes occur.

For most of my adulthood I’ve been told that I have so much potential, I had heard it so often; yet at the same time I didn’t hear a thing really. This is the norm for young people though, they don’t listen to what they are told and want to learn everything the hard way. So like most young people I heard what was said but I ignored it.

Funny thing though; when different people keep saying the same thing to you as years go by, one has to finally hear the words and see that there has to…

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