We need to heal together

Covid – 19 has placed a dark cloud on the world. It has brought the reality of death closer as we lose our loved ones everyday.

Death is everyone’s reality, it always has been and always will be, I’ve lost family members to many other illnesses and even car accidents … but each one their own story and never so many repeated illness. The number of Covid-19 related deaths around me are absolutely shocking. People are losing multiple family members and it is leaving a gaping hole in so many families that nobody will ever be able to fill.

We need to heal as a people, we need to heal together. This is not an each for his own situation anymore, the dark cloud of Death that always hovered over our lives has become darker, closer and louder.

What makes it even more difficult to heal is the manner in which we have to bury Covid related deaths and that the family cannot even say goodbye properly. The world is full of grieving people and we have to find a way as a collective to heal our broken hearts.

We may not be able to do everything, but we have to do something. So I appeal to you, if you pray please pray, if you are spiritual please send healing into the world and if you can help a family in need that you know has lost loved ones, please reach out and lend them a hand where you can.

As 1 person I may not be able to change the world but together we can make a significant difference.

Love and light.




Help me to help the children of South Africa with no parents, living in orphanages to live the best lives that we can possibly give them by donating any amount to the cause.


South African Rand donations can be made to the above bank account and please specify with a reference what you are donating towards. Orphans of South Africa, Covid related donation or a general donation to assist in any way required.


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