We all want to succeed at life, we want the best and we want it it now… if only it all worked that way! Everything takes time, everything takes work and without hard work and determination unfortunately your foundation will not be a solid one and will easily fall apart when you not looking.

Distractions can come in the form of so many things, life is one big distraction basically. We have entertainment, love, friends, kids, our home, electronics etc. Distractions are easy to come by, trust me I distract myself all the time. I do think though that it is good to escape every once in a while so I’m not sayin distractions are always a bad thing, but when you are building a life, building foundations, building a career , or a relationship, distractions can be the death of that thing.

Being responsible enough to say enough distractions and put your head down and do the work required is not an easy task. Being responsible in general is not really and easy task. We all want to be powerful and have control over things but are we responsible enough to have this? Responsibility comes with almost every success, a business needs a responsible owner, a child needs a responsible parent, an exess amount of income needs a responsible person to handle it. In order to have any form of success we need to be responsible.

What got me thinking is… how can we want the responsibility of success when we cant even handle the little we have right now? . How can you handle a million Rand when you cant even be responsible with R50 000? We want everything, but we are not responsible enough to maintain it or keep it afloat.

Responsibility starts with you, and it starts today. You have to learn how to be responsible for the things you have now, before you can expect to receive more. You have to be grateful for the things you have now, before more can come… and gratitude is shown through responsibility for what you have.

Hard work pays off, smart work pays off too… be both 🙂

Love and Light


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