Two faced

‘He found out for the first time what she really thought of him by hearing her talk behind his back, and it broke his heart.’

This has been playing on my mind so much since I heard it, and saw the pain in his eyes … even though it was just a movie. It made me think about myself. How do I talk about the people in my life behind their backs and if they overhear me would it break their hearts or make them smile?

This really has me thinking because sometimes pointing out the negatives of someone comes out far easier than the positives and I feel like I have never really considered the consequences of this until now.

Focusing on somebodies weaknesses instead of their strengths used to be my default because it is what I used to do to myself. I still have to work on changing that every day. What you focus on you attract and weakness is not a good thing to attract to yourself. I know that I am much better now than I was before, but I still have lots to work on and change, especially if I am going to succeed in everything that I dream to do.

How do you speak about your friends and family when they are not looking? Do you realise that what you are saying about them actually reflects what you do to yourself when you are in auto pilot? Change the way you speak to yourself and the way you speak about others will change too.

You have to heal yourself first so you can be your own best friend. before somebody elses.

Love and light



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