Value in everything

Every day I learn something new about myself. Today I realised that I don’t need to feel important anymore. what I mean is, I have humbled myself to the insignificance of my being in comparison to the the greater scheme of everything. My ego understands now that it is not the beginning or the end.

I guess I always felt that when you were important, you were valued. I see now that this is not the case. My value does not come from how important someone else perceives me to be. I guess I’ve always been around people that are competing for the top spot in life. You’re better than me , I’m better than you… and I’ve always felt like I had to be better to be valued. I’m so grateful that this isn’t the case for me anymore. I see now how everything has value, even those things deemed “not important” to some, may mean the world to others. Because what used to be important to me 2 years ago certainly has no importance in my life anymore.

I like this place I’m at. It’s a great place to be. Everyone has value here. I can be myself, you can be yourself and we can all play our part in this world as we were supposed to.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams have no value, because a rabbit does not need the same things as an elephant and they will value different things. Same with people, we all have different levels of vision and every single one is valuable.

Be who you are, not who they want you to be. You are valued .

Love and Light



Please specify if you are donating toward the orphans or making a general donation by stating so as a reference. Please see the post Don’t hold back for details…Banking details below for South African residents wishing to donate.


Join me in my journey to improve the lives of orphans in Durban by making a donation to assist me in getting supplies. I will be posting for you to follow along and see the progress being made.
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