Don’t hold back

Ever since I was a little girl I always said I wanted to adopt a child. It has never actually materialised because life took over and none of my white picket fence dreams actually came true. For a while I forgot about those dreams, and slowly but surely life has been reminding me of who I truly am, and I can honestly say its been a rollercoaster of a ride finding a balance between childhood dreams that faded, the reality I am faced with and my new dreams.

Being a single mother to a 12 year old has been the greatest challenge and the greatest blessing. Yes I know, nobody wants to hear about how my kid is a blessing, obviously I am biased. However, in her own way, my daughter keeps me connected to myself completely even the parts I try to forget.

No, she is not adopted, I had her when I was 27 years old and she changed my world forever, but now she so badly wants a sibling, but im turning 41 this week and lets just say I don’t see that happening, so she throws adoption at me… ‘You don’t have to physically have a baby mom, you can just adopt one.’ Never in my wildest dreams did I think she would say that to me, yet she has. This kid wants to donate toys to an orphanage, help people in need and just make any change she can and the thing holding her back basically is me. My fears, my limitations. I too have always wanted to try make a difference like she does, but my choices led me down a very different path.

So I have decided it’s my birthday month, I’m going to do this with her as a stepping stone to moving in the direction we both want to go. I’m going to get some things together and take her to an orphanage nearby and see how we can make a difference, even if it’s the smallest. I know that our children need, diapers, and care products and clothes and I know that even 1 pack will help but so will 10. This is South Africa, our orphans are forgotten and left to live on the bare minimum and I am going to stop dreaming now and actually do something, no matter how small.

I have looked up some orphanages in my city and there are so many, all filled to capacity, with kids that need everything. I look at my daughter and I know how hard I have worked to give her everything that she needs. I remember a time when I didn’t know where the next pack of diapers were coming from and the next bottle of milk, but it always came and we never ran out. I was blessed to be surrounded by angels, who loved both of us enough to not ask when they saw we didn’t have enough. They just showed up and delivered. What treasures they were. I want to be those people for those that are in need where I can and Im going to make an effort to make a difference where I can, starting with myself and giving from my own pocket, like those people gave to me back then.

I would like to extend this to anybody who would like to contribute in any way to assist me in helping out some kids to have bare essentials to live as normal of a life as they can under their terrible circumstances. I am going to put up a paypal link below for my international readers and my own bank details for local readers who would like to make any contributions. Trust is a very big thing here, because of course for every Rand or Dollar or Pound you give, you are entrusting me to do the right thing for someone in need. The world is full of people who cannot be trusted and I completely understand if you are hesitant. I will continue to put links for donation at the bottom of each of my posts for this cause and as I receive funds I will dedicate a section of my blog to keeping you updated with where you dollar or Rand went to.

I’m choosing to do this because I know deep down its where my heart is leading me, and if your heart leads you in the same direction then please make a small donation towards my cause, every single Rand, Dollar and Pound will help. I will take from what I have right now to make this happen, even if I can only afford one pack of diapers to donate at this point, it will be a blessing to a baby. I will send you pictures and keep you posted of the progress that I make.

Whether you choose to donate or not, that’s ok, I appreciate you following my blog and taking the time out of your life to read my posts. This is where my heart lies and if I can start a proper charity in time using this platform I will and hopefully you will be a part of it. So whether its through reading and following my blog or helping me with donations, please join me on this journey that I have been wanting to take for the longest time.

I give not because I want to receive, I give out of love for humanity. I choose to look for the good in all despite how desperately the world wants to show me otherwise, and as the saying goes… If you cant see any good around you , then be the good that you are looking for.

Thank you all for your continued love and support.



Please donate any amount you can to contribute towards my desire to help where I can. Please specify if you are donating for the kids or for any general need by using either ” Donation Kids” or “general donation” so I can allocate funding appropriately. Thank you for the love.


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