Solid foundation

It’s liberating to reach a place of freedom. When you realise that the smallest wins are taking you to a positive place and you find yourself changing the smallest parts of yourself and finding out how huge of an impact these changes make to your life.

I am falling in love with the process of finding my answers. Fascinated at the progression of planting seeds, growing trees of knowledge and the most rewarding part of this journey will be when I finally get to pick the fruits and actually taste the sweetness of my labour.

As you all know the process of giving life to anything takes time. I always say to people that nothing truly worth having comes easy, and good things always take time. You have to nurture and grow everything… especially if you want it to last. A house will not stay put without a solid foundation, and neither will your goals or your dreams. It’s so important to lay a foundation with positive intentions and clear direction before you begin the actual building process of your vision. Any dream with a weak foundation will crumble, you have to do the work.

15 years ago I was in a broken and dark place, but it was then that I began the process of change. When I picked up that first book that helped me renew my mind, when I took those first steps towards finding some light in me, even if it was just a glimmer. I was digging the trenches creating a path for me to lay down a foundation for which I would build my new life.

It took years to dig those trenches, I did it without guidance and I had to find my own way, but eventually I created what I was looking for, I found the light that kept my soul alive, my gifts, my purpose, I’ve found the things that make me genuinely happy and I have laid what I believe to be a solid foundation for me to build my new life on. I call it my new life because that person that I used to be is no more, she has grown into someone who knows what she wants and needs, and someone who is willing to risk losing comfort in order to grow into the vision that she has for herself.

I know I have a long way to go before my vision comes true, but I feel like the hardest part is over now. I feel like the darkness that once consumed me has no place anymore and the years of digging the trenches of my life has ended, and I finally have the solid foundation on which I am ready to begin building my life. The hardest part is over, the building phase too requires time, patience and hard work, but there is direction and laying the bricks may be a tedious thing to do but in the end to look at the final result will be my reward.

I’m in the building phase of my life right now, I’ve learnt that I have to be patient and lay each brick with care, because this is the life I’m choosing for myself, its not one that is being chosen for me anymore. In this life I decide whats best for me, I am the architect, the bricklayer and I will reap the rewards of my labour when it is all done.

One step at a time, one brick at a time, one day at a time. I will continue to do whats right for me and build the life I always dreamed of. Why else am I here? If not to fulfill my destiny…

Love and light



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