Sunday Reflection

Authenticity to me is so important. If something is not true to you then why do it? I try to apply this to all things in my life, but sometimes I fail hopelessly. Failure in this regard never comes because I want fakeness. It usually comes because some else has a vision for me and they manipulate the situation until I feel like I have no choice. Whether they had good or bad intentions here is not what’s important. What’s important is the reason why I felt that in that moment I had no choice and that some else had control of my life?

People have a way of strong arming you into bowing down to the idea that what they have in mind for you is better than what you have in mind for you. It starts with our upbringing, then our teachers, our employers and even our friends. We get so used to this type of conditioning, that bowing down not only to authority figures, but family and friends too, becomes second nature, even when it goes against who we are and what we actually want for ourselves. I would know because I am a follower of rules. I hate breaking the rules, and when I have to it takes so much out of me to get to the point of actually doing it. What I have learnt though, is that some rules are meant to be broken, NOT ALL RULES, BUT SOME!

Rules are mostly created for order and order is needed to control the masses. I get it, it’s been this way since the beginning, people without guidance and direction can be destructive, yes I get it. I don’t necessarily have to like it, but I get it. So I follow the rules that I feel are absolutely needed. like when I drive, rules of the road, absolutely necessary, right? Absolutely! Travelling Rules should be followed if you don’t want to end up in some foreign prison for being stupid… yes? BUt what I don’t have to do is what other people expect me to do with myself, my heart, mind, and my life. I don’t have to live in the proverbial box that the people around me would like me to live in. I can choose my own path… what I do with my life, how I connect with GOD, what I believe in, my career, the books I read , just what I want for myself in general should not be controlled and manipulated by anyone other than myself.

This is on my mind today because, I feel like breaking the chains of conformity is such a difficult task, because guilt comes into play. The feeling of letting someone down is tough on me, but I know I cant please everybody. What I can say is this ” The path to finding yourself is the most difficult path to follow, because you will be tested at every turn, but each time you make a discovery, it becomes the most rewarding path you will follow”

love and light.

Happy Sunday




  1. Isnt it incredible that people always have a vision for you because reality is that they’ve stopped listening to what you’re saying. Your vision has merely become a white noise in the background.
    When you allow that to happen your, you’ve submitted to serving a purpose on their journey so that they may achieve. The choice is yours … choose.

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