The Road to Happiness

It’s long and windy road that I find myself on! The hills are the things that seem to get me every time… at first they seem impossible, but eventually I make it through, only to find what felt like a mountain was just a steep little hill.

As time goes by and life goes on the hills get steeper the mountains get higher, but every time I find myself making it to the top of the hill and then to the other side.

The other side of pain, the other side of darkness…I always find my way to the top of the mountain, No matter what the challenges are. Where views are spectacular and the air is crisp and new. When I get a moment to look down at everything I have been through, I see the hurt, I see the pain, but I still manage to smile because I know that I needed the challenges, I needed to climb, I needed the rain.

From up here I can see the trees and the flowers in all of their glory, and it too took so much more than just the sun for them to grow, they needed the rain too. Like any living being we cannot grow with sunlight alone, we have to endure some darkness for change to break through, it not a process without sweat and tears, both rain and sunshine is needed.

In the darkness there seems to be no hope, but the battle to break through is worth the fight once we finally see the light. The road to happiness is a long and windy road, yes it has hills that need to be climbed, and there are many struggles on the way, but when you reach your destination every tear that was shed and every bit of pain that you felt, makes the feeling of accomplishment that much sweeter, that much greater and the happiness that you have been looking for, with all your sweat and tears, you find was with you all along, waiting to break through the barriers of darkness that held its light hostage. When you realise that every challenge and every fight was actually bringing you closer to your own light, you can finally rest, basking in the comfort of knowing that the road you once thought was leading you to happiness, was actually taking you on a path to find yourself.

Love and light


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