Is it time to change direction?

The only thing you can control is yourself. You cannot control anything or any one outside of yourself. Yes you can manipulate and coerce, but you never truly have full control because you never know when the person or animal may get sick of being controlled and then all hell tends to break loose. Mainly for the person trying to play God and control living beings. In fact not even God wants to control us and gives the free will to make our own choices so why do we think as human beings that we can control another human being.

Sometimes we get ourselves into situations where it becomes easy for others to direct our choices, because we give them power over ourselves by making them more important than even ourselves. People that are given this type of power hardly ever turn it down. So please don’t pass your power into the hands of any one else but yourself.

I’ve made this mistake many times before and I do my best not to make it anymore, but sometimes comfort tends to make you slip into this mindset of … you have no other choice, you have to follow this path that keeps you comfortable even if it means being controlled by another human being. We have to look at both our personal lives and our professional lives and ask ourselves, are we living our truth or someone else’s? Are we doing what we feel we should be doing, or are we fulfilling someones else’s dream that they have for us? We may feel like its the right thing to do, but is it really?

Is it worth the headaches and the frustration that comes with the difficulty of being someone else’s puppet? When everything that you want and need gets given a back seat and what that person wants and needs comes first? This is such an unhealthy situation to be in and we have to make sure that we find it within ourselves to follow our dreams and reach our goals no matter who tells us that we can’ t or that it’ s impossible.

It’s never too late to take your life back… and NOW is always a good time to start.

Love and light


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