How amazing is it that we get a chance at life every single day that we wake up in the morning. It’ s not just on New Years Day that we should look at our lives and reassess choices that were made and didn’t work out in our best interest. This should be a regular practice. Taking stock of our actions doesn’t always come easily to some, so I can understand how days like today can be important to do a full reshuffle of the cards dealt to us in the previous year and helps us to make better choices based on the new deal that we create for ourselves.

I for one had one heck of a roller coaster ride last year and allowed too much to be swayed by the influence of others. The ups were high but the downs were very low and they didn’t have to be, but I still feel that every lesson learnt was of value and has brought me to a place of clarity and has helped me to see that the way forward is completely in my hands and not left to whichever way the wind will blow me.

Going with the flow can be a good thing when the flow is in the direction you see yourself moving in, The problem with the flow is that sometimes you can get comfortable here and drift into the comfort of not having to make those difficult choices that will take you on the actual path you should be on and if the flow changes direction it can easily pull you with it. This is what happened to me last year, I find myself in a place where I’ve drifted so far from the vision I had for myself that its going to take active reshuffling and going against the flow to get back onto my actual path. I have to say goodbye to many things that I thought made me happy but actually didn’t. I have to make those difficult moves and push myself beyond the comforts that the world wants me to hold onto. There is no growth in a comfort zone, this is said over and over, but to actually practice it is one of the hardest things because we all want to feel safe and comfort is safe. However safety doesn’t push you past your boundaries and make you grow. The process of growth is an uncomfortable one, One that pushes you out of comfort an into unknown territory. Growth does not happen with the flow. Growth happens in the lessons learnt and the difficult conversations. It happens in the tough choices and through the tears that are shed because you will have to let go of so much that does not serve you and that limits you. Limitations are our number one enemy, and we are our only limitation because we allow the noise of opinions and haters to cloud our judgement, but success has no room for this.

In order to reach your full potential you have to block out the noise and listen to your inner guide. The one that’s leading you in the direction of your greatness. The voice inside you that is pushing you towards your dreams not away from them.

This year, my wish for you is that you stop listening to the noise, find your inner guide and follow that voice. Reshuffle the cards that were dealt to you before and start anew. Get rid of the Jokers and focus on your winning hand.

Happy New Year,


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