Know when to let go

I know its not easy to accept things not going the what you want them to go, but in learning how to accept this you will learn to find real peace in understanding and accepting that people with not always live up to your expectation and they really shouldn’t have to.

We are all out here doing the most with what we have and trying to survive or to hustle and keep ourselves afloat. It took me forever to stop people pleasing and I had to in the process realize it goes both ways. Just like I cannot please people ALL the time, they cannot please me. We are always going to prioritize whats most important to us at that moment and you cannot be offended because someone chose something else over your need. This is where balance and understanding comes to play.

Yes we can give without expecting anything back to a certain extent and in certain situations, however once it starts creating a deficit in your being, then you have to realise that even though you expect nothing in return, that specific relationship is not in alignment with your growth and development. Knowing when to let go and move forward is vital not only to yourself, but to the well being of all people involved.

Peace and love


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