Today is what matters

So much has been going on and my days have been consumed with everything else but writing. I haven’t written in my journal, on the blog and even just my general everyday notes. For some reason everything stopped and everyone else’s priorities have consumed my time and my energy.

Recently I have been paying lots of attention to the role people play in my life and why they have fallen into those roles. I have also been trying to learn more about how to grow myself in a way to best serve my reason.

There are very few people that I let into my personal space, and if you have found yourself there it’s because you have found a way to tunnel through a very thick wall that not many are able to tunnel through. The problem with this is, before you start digging you need to be sure that you are ready for what you gonna find inside…

So I keep many people outside of my walls and allow few to come in for a visit every now and again. Today I took the time to look at who I have inside my walls, and who adds value whilst being in here and who doesn’t. Honestly sometimes having people so close to me scares me, because they have the ability to hurt me deeply, in the past nobody would have this privilege. Today some do…

This post is for those that do. It doesn’t matter what the pain of yesterday has brought into my life, what matters is that today I am loved by you, today I have the people that choose me close by, today I am supported. Today is what counts. I can count you all on my one hand, and who knows if you will be here tomorrow, but I can’t worry about all of that. Because right now, today is what matters, what counts. How I feel now is what’s important. Each one of you have a different role in my life and play your part completely differently, but my life would seriously have a gaping hole if any of you disappeared. That is a risk we all have to take when we choose to let people in. But a risk that always turns out to be worthwhile when those moments of joy and love replace all the negatives with positives from every corner.

Today I have everything and everyone that I need. Today is what matters. The fate of my life has given me hope for now, and whatever it brings tomorrow I will embrace with open arms, because we don’t get to choose which part of our journey tomorrow will hold, but we definitely have to live it no matter what cards will be dealt. The true test is to stay rooted in peace and not let any outside factors of turmoil move you from that place. Yes you will bend, but you must not move.

But we cannot worry about tomorrow today, because if we do, then the beauty of today will be missed and lost in the fear of tomorrow.

I love you. I’m grateful for you. I wouldn’t change a single thing, not a hair on your head, not the smile on your face and not the challenges that you bring. You are perfect in all of your imperfections. Every last one of you. In every single way. My people, my tribe, today is what matters.

Love is love…



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