Time for change

When life gets so busy and you find that you have no time for the things that actually uplift you and feed your soul it burns you out. Being burnt out can be the worst if you don’t catch yourself and rectify the situation. I haven’t been doing the things that feed my soul lately because I have been so consumed with the things that feed my belly and pay my bills. But whats happened is that I have literally sleepwalked through the last few months and not given my true self a single thought.

Recently I was told that our company would be closing down and that my contract would end at the end of the year… and the first thought that came to my head was, “Now what?” but I didn’t panic immediately… It was only once it really settled that I realised, I had put my dreams on hold to get a job done, to put food on my table and to give my kid the things that she needs. But now what? Now that I haven’t written that book that I was meant to have finished by now, and invested time in growing this blog and making it look how I pictured it. I didn’t do those talks I wanted to do and grow my experience the way I had planned it all out 3 years ago?

I’m now faced with the dilemma of … what now? This was a wake up call for me, it showed me that I should never stop making time for MY dreams in order to accomplish them. That even with a day job I have to find the time to do the work I initially planned out to do. I am being pushed in a direction I never thought I would ever be pushed in. However, I do know one thing… God is with me ALWAYS and everything is in its place.

No matter what challenges I may face, with this new path I’m on … I know that I have the tools to become everything I need to be and more, and that this is just a nudge to say… hey Tammy , wake up, you have fallen asleep… it’s time to work girl… on you and yours! Everything that happens, is a lesson, giving you the information that you need to be pushed in the right direction.

I have learnt that I am valuable and that my work ethic is something that is valued… this means the world to me and gives me confidence in pushing through.

I have learnt that even though relationships will be tested, the ones that make it through the toughest times are the ones worth holding onto.

I have learnt that, I have everything and everyone that I need right here and right now… that family isn’t always blood and that home is where love is.

I have seen who will move a mountain for me and who will leave me out in the cold to die.

I have realised that I have to push harder, because my task is harder and that’s ok because I have the strength to do that, and when I don’t I have the support of people who will help me through.

The time for change has arrived for me and embracing it is the only way to go because resisting change is resisting growth and we are made to grow. For nothing actually stays the same… everything changes.

The time for change is now and I will be updating and upgrading this site soon, because as I grow, so will my work and hopefully so will you along with me.

Love and light.



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