Embrace the cycle

Everything always works out in the end, even if it seems like they wont at the time. I struggle with patience when it comes to things out of my control, patience is a tricky one for me. When it comes to people, I have all the patience in the world, when it doesn’t really affect me. But what I realise is, as soon as it affects my life directly, I want what I want and I want it now. This unfortunately has been my greatest challenge, realising that sometimes you have to wait. Sometimes waiting is better, even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time. When they said good things come to those who wait, they really meant it.

My life may not be where I thought it would be by now, but I certainly have come a long way. I have lost so much and gained just as much in the process. I realise now that learning how to control myself when I grow impatient is vital. Learning how to control my tongue when I am angry is challenging but rewarding, because in the end anger is hurtful and almost always regretted. I’m slowly learning not to panic when I am not in control of a situation, because panicking only makes it worse, and anger makes it even bigger than it should have been in the first place.

I am an over thinker and if my thought process begins with anger, my anger does not subside it only grows and I blow everything out of proportion. I have to learn to breath and not react. I have to learn to act with calmness in the hope that maybe, just maybe all will work itself out for the best.

Life is not meant to be easy, it will have both ups and downs. It will push you and challenge you and mould you into whatever choices you make along the journey. Yes sometimes my choices are bad, but I’m lucky enough to realise my mistakes and do my best to rectify them if I can. Negative experiences can be blessings in disguise they can move you away from certain things that are not good for you and they can bring you closer to what is good for you.

The world is ever changing, ever moving and never still, and if we apply this to our lives, we will have a greater understanding of everything and every experience. Nothing stays the same, good times will not be forever, bad times will find its way and vice versa. It’s the cycle of life. It’s our truth. The quicker we can embrace it the better off we will be.

Embrace both the good and the bad. They are both equally important in the bigger picture. If we forget that we are a part of one great universe then we forget that every single being has a purpose and every life must end and begin its new cycle.



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