It’s time to change your perspective

I recently have been going through many challenges at work that I could not really change and required a shift in perspective. We can’t really control anything but ourselves and we can only make changes within to get through challenges that face us.

Covid 19 has been a challenge for many, increasing the unemployment rate tremendously worldwide. I am lucky to have my employment in tact … for now. Nothing is truly for certain and this period has proven to me that it’s never a good idea to be so complacent that you are not willing to grow or to try a new way.

I was faced with a new challenge, one I was not so happy with at first, but the choice was either change or be unemployed. I struggled because I am not afraid of unemployment, but I love my job and I wasn’t losing it completely I was just being asked to change a bit of it to something that I had developed a picture of in my mind as not for me many years ago.

I decided I will give it a chance, and instead of a making it a hindrance, I changed my perspective to a challenge. It will be interesting to see how I get through it , I’ve challenged myself to give it my best and instead of now dreading the new added work I am curious to see how I can push myself to make these changes and at the same time help my company in the long run.

My peace of mind has been restored and my faith in myself that I can do anything I put my mind to as well.

I’m posting this because I know many people are facing challenges at work at the moment, I just want to encourage you to try and look at things from a different perspective and maybe see the change as a positive, no matter how negative it may be. Look for positives wherever you can find them and just try to make the most of what you have until you can move to something better if you plan to.

Shift your focus to the positive.

Live you best life!


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