See the beauty in the storm

I’ve come to realise that we sacrifice so much of what we truly want to make life convenient for other people. Those people are not doing the same for you always. It’s important to be true to how you feel about what you need and make it known, because if you find yourself in a situation that compromises you in order to keep another happy then you are in the wrong situation.

I always tell the ones I love to do what makes their hearts happy, and everytime I say that I genuinely mean it. When you love someone without condition you genuinely want to see them happy even if that doesn’t include you. Because why would you want to be the reason someone you love is unhappy? And in that same sense it’s important for you to do the same for yourself, if something no longer makes your heart happy or threatens it’s happiness then the best way to address that is to guard your heart, because everything you do flows from there. Guarding your heart does not mean close your heart off to love and life, it means guard your heart where you can from being hurt especially if you can see it coming.

Sometimes it’s better not to hold onto happiness too tightly because you might squeeze the life out of it… maybe when you let go of your grip a bit and allow it to breathe you will find that in the process that you might catch your breath as well. And what a relief it is when you take a breathe of fresh air… Maybe you need to just let go of the reigns and allow life to happen without trying to keep everything in control? Maybe chaos is exactly what you need for now to help you see the beauty in the storm that threatens everything in its path? Maybe you need the storm to destroy everything that needs to be destroyed in order to have a new beginning and start afresh? Maybe it’s time to shift your focus and start looking at right now, live in this very moment and appreciate now instead of worrying about what is and what was or even what could be. Maybe we should slow down a little and spend time with our family instead of chasing after dreams and money?

So many MAYBE’S because we will never know for sure. The trick is to do what makes your heart happy in that moment and live it to the fullest because you never know if tomorrow is even going to come… Do the ones you love know that you love them, when last did you say those words? When last did you action those words? When last have you done something for yourself? All these questions, all these things and all it takes is for us to stop with the crazy, take a breath and look at what actually makes your heart smile…Then focus on that and do more of it 🙂


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