I read somewhere that when you focus on a specific thing that it will ultimately find its way to you. I tried this out and funny story, it actually works. I drew up a list and 2 years later after zoning in on my list as often as possible most of the things on that list found its way to me. Then I drew up another list and repeated , but this time it was a more accurate list .Again, most of the thing found their way to me, and funny story… the things that I thought were not going to happen on the first list actually happened, they just took longer. Some things take more time than others. I learnt that if you focus on the desires of your heart and you stay true to who you are and what you want eventually it will come to you.

The law of attraction is something that I read about many years ago and recently I was reminded that in order for it to work I actually have to practice it. There is no time like the present to start again and look into which direction I actually want to go, instead of just drifting with the flow.

Focus on the direction you want to go , and don’t just be dragged around with whichever way the wind blows you.

I’m taking this time now to remind myself in this time of darkness and despair because since we have had this pandemic, its been doom and gloom. I found myself focusing less on my goals and my life and more on the things that are happening outside of my control. I have had to remind myself that I cannot control this mess that the world finds itself in, but I can control how much attention it gets from me. I have to zone out of this dark cloud and remember that even while all this is happening around me I am rooted in light and I should be focusing on that light. I was off balance for too long now, and I knew I was but I was truly consumed in everything being fed to me from the outside.

It’s time to get back to it and focus on the goal again, I have come a very long way to let go now and I know that when I reap the rewards I will look back at this difficult time and remind myself that I can get through anything if I put my mind to it. I have to remember that I am worthy and that I am enough. Nothing can take me from me, unless I let them.


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