Just for me

This piece is about my vision for my life, for myself and how I feel so close to it that I can taste it, but something holds me back and I never seem to grab a hold of the things that are right in front of me, the things that are meant for me, but I’m always too afraid to let them in because sometimes I think my greatest fear is that I will succeed and as much as I am hungry for it all, I am also fearful and I just can’t seem to overcome this fear of leaving the only thing I’ve ever known, the only life I’ve ever known. This is my expression of my dance with my hopes and my dreams that are always right in front of me to reach out and take, but I never do…

Sometimes I wonder about what I see, and if that thing is just for me? It looks like something that I could need, but is it just going to fill my greed?

My soul is tempted to reach out and touch it, my heart is afraid that I might just break it! How beautiful this present is to me, but is it mine for me to see?

I want to hold it in my arms and gently touch it and feel all its charms, it calls me in whispers to pull me near, but I’m not convinced about what I hear,

You look too good to be mine, I feel if I touch you everything will decline, it’s like what they told me once a long time ago, that it’s not for me to have that glow.

But your gentle whispers say ‘come here’, and my fearful nature doesn’t dare. I see the happiness that you could bring, but I just don’t seem to trust a thing.

I see my future with you here, my dreams come true and my fear will disappear, but if I reach out for you now, my clumsy hands could drop you and I’ll completely break down…

Maybe you’re just not for me, maybe my future isn’t what I see, how do I know who to be, if I cant even figure out whats special to me.

I see you standing there within my grasp, but are you really up for this task, do you think that what could be, eternally and forever is just for me?

Or am I thinking way too much about how you’re right there within my touch, the truth is that if I take the chance right now, I’m too afraid I’ll let you down,

I think you’re better off way out there, far away from all my fear, it might be best if you stay away because I might ruin everything, anyway. It’s safe to keep you held up high , where nothing can touch you, way up in the sky,

I think I should be careful about what I dare to dream, because I know you might just come right here to me, without a warning or any time, when you decide that you are mine,

I wont be able to push you away, once you’re here you will be here to stay, I wonder about what that life will be, with you right here next to me, but I’ll rather leave it up to you, because I’ll never say no to my dreams coming true.


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