Pressure is on to perform

It’s starting to feel like so much more responsibility keeps coming my way. I’m not complaining because I know that with success comes responsibility but the pressure is definitely on for me to keep up the pace right now.

I had 2 months of doing nothing, and basically just breathing while trying to collect my thoughts and redirect myself in the direction I actually need or want to go. I was so out of balance that I think it was a well needed 2 months of peace and not working. However not too long a go I had a thought that this calm was nice, but is this the calm before a storm. How do I prepare myself for whatever is coming my way, especially when I have no clue because of this pandemic. My life could go any way right now and just like that I blinked and a door opened. I promised myself that I will walk through all the open doors to see whats inside and give it a chance even if I am a little afraid. This door didn’t make me feel afraid but things have changed and I feel like the responsibility of helping people motivates me to make sure that I do things correctly. Mostly because a mistake means someones lives are inconvenienced instead of taking a load off them.

Everything I asked for , as usual is here. But what I realise with every ask is that , it looks easy from a dream, but the reality is always a different reality. Working from home for example isnt the easiest thing to do. Discipline plays a huge part here and its very easy to be tempted to do everything else but work.

Not being confined to a 9 to 5 means that sometimes at 6pm something comes up and you sort it out, or even at 10pm and idea pops into your mind and then its work mode. I have realised though that even though the picture inst exactly as I imagined it , when it comes down to the nitty gritty , I still believe that we pave our own pathway by the things we say to ourselves and the things we secretly wish for.

So now that I am being given a taste of what I’ve asked for, its time for me to show myself that I can do this and I can do it well. The pressure is on for me to perform, not for the world to see , but for me to see that I can push past my limitations and I do have this under control and once I have it in the bag, that I can push even further and move to the next level.

It’s all about pushing past those boundaries and making the most of what we have now in order to get to where we see ourselves in our dreams. I’m so grateful for the ability to see past the surface of most situations allowing me to overlook plenty and just push through. It also helps that my support system really supports me and I am slowly learning how to be a supportive person too.

I love you guys , seriously, thank you … you rock!


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