Sexy time

Isn’t it so sexy when you see a person that takes care of themselves even in the midst of chaos? When the peace that flows through them is so apparent that u just wanna be close to them so you can maybe catch some of that energy flow and hopefully just hopefully get a glimpse into their peace. Where in a world filled with chaos theres that person that just look so… together?

I’m not talking about smooth talking, good looking or even financially able people. I’m talking about the ones that just got this sense of calm about them, all the time… That is my kinda sexy. Not boring… calm. Not perfect but healthy, looks have nothing to do with it, but the effort and love that goes into their appearance is noticeable.

It probably has something to do with my own habits, because I feel sexiest when I’m taking excellent care of myself, when my skin is soft and when I’m soaking in a bubble bath completely immersed in peace and calm where not only my body gets to relax but my mind too. When I know that I’ve groomed and had a facial or neatened my eyebrows. When I am balanced and I get a good session of exercise in my day and my diet is one that serves my body not destroys it. This is when I’m feeling sexiest and happiest and no matter the shape of my thighs or the chub on my cheeks or the crooked in my smile, nothing can take away the joy and the glow in me when I am truly balanced.

I guess because this is when I am at my highest high and when I got my shit together so I find myself attracted to this type of person in both my love life and my friendships. I know how out of whack I feel when I’m eating unhealthy and not exercising, this happens all the time, I also know how I lose my confidence and how I just don’t feel alive in myself and bright. You see if you surround yourself with my kind of sexy, then when you lose your spark or your balance every now and then it’s that person that will push you back into it, nudge you in the right direction and make sure that you find your glow again and vice versa. This is how it’s supposed to be, this is what true sexiness is. Finding your best and always striving to improve, but also being in your worst and having someone that pushes you through, not for any other reason but for your benefit and your happiness.

Be sexy, be that person for yourself and for others when they need you, surround yourself with people like this and you will surely follow in their ways or use their methods to find you own way.

Thank you to my sexy people who push me into balance and pull me out of sluggishness when I fall in the trap. I love you and I appreciate you.


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