Share your light

Fear is ruling the world at the moment, people are afraid of the unknown, they always have been and probably always will be. People that allow fear to be their ruler are dangerous people, because fear is from darkness and it tries to put out the light that shines in all of us. But all hope is not lost because courage has overcome fear before, and it will again, there are always warriors of light that in the face of fear look within themselves and find the courage to overcome it even when all hope seems lost. I say ‘seems’ lost because we can never completely lose hope as long as there is a glimmer of light that shines in us.

People that are self serving will try to put out your light and try to make it seem like there is no hope, but let me remind you that even in the greatest test that we are now facing, the test that will be remembered for the rest of our lives, there is always light and there is always hope. These people that spread darkness will spread fear, but lets not forget that even they have hope in them, and it’s in our light and our love that we are sharing and spreading with each other that will help them find their light and their hope. With all the light bearers and light warriors that we have in this world, I have complete faith that hope will be restored as long as we fight together.

Today I was reminded that I am a part of a global family, that I am loved and supported not only by my blood but by my extended family in the world. Until today I took for granted the support and love that I receive from so many, literally from all the corners of the world. In one week I have received video calls, normal calls and text messages from loved ones all over the world, Australia, Canada, USA, UK and so many from my loved ones in South Africa. It took a heartfelt message from a beloved friend who lost a loved one and in this time of pain where many choose to hide in the darkness, they found courage and faced their fears and instead of dwelling in darkness chose light, to share light, to live in light and just to be light in the midst of our darkest times. I was reminded that in times of struggle and pain to remember that we are never given more than we can handle and that the greater the test the greater the person.

I have always preached living in light, I have always spread a message of love, but I too sometimes fall in the realms of fear and that sometimes I too am surrounded by darkness and have to fight. We have to remember that we are in this together, there is no escaping this. Where fear lives in the hearts of many and when love is the only way to fight through this battle. I sometimes lose hope, but there is always a fellow warrior of light who spreads just the message I need to hear to re-ignite my flame before it dims. I hope to be that light for anyone who needs to be reminded that in the midst of darkness, there are always warriors of light fighting their way to you and if you can just open your heart to face your fear and find your courage to spread the love and light that you were born to share.

In the midst of all this fear, don’t give in to darkness, don’t let anger take over and don’t spread hate, look to life and find ways to heal and love instead. Don’t be a part of the problem, choose to be a part of the solution, choose to be a part of togetherness in sharing love and light in a time that we need it most. Please remember that together we are stronger, so lets support each other while the world weeps in pain, as she loses her people, as she watches her children starve and cry out to their God to save them. It’s a time for togetherness even if we have to do it in separation, let’s show solidarity in doing what we can to minimize the risk of spreading this problem and doing what we can to love and support those in need instead of spewing hate and spreading darkness where light is the only hope we have in making it through this. It may not seem like a big deal to many, that’s because you have not felt a loss or have not had to suffer because of it, I pray that you never have to because this pain you would not wish on anyone.

Live your life spreading light not darkness and be the light that you need, so you too can help others.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.


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