When _______ creeps in, keep calm and just smile.

So today is day 16 of South Africa’s official lock down but day 26 of my self isolation and now things are starting to get interesting. It’s time for me to start looking into how the bills will get paid with me not being able to work a single day in the month of April. How do I know for sure that May will be cleared for movement, and if its not, how will I get bills paid? I haven’t had to ask this question in a very long time , but here I am faced with a dilemma. This is what the general population has to face when they have a job that they actually have to physically be at in order to get it done and get paid. My domestic worker has rent to pay and quite frankly, so do I and if I’m concerned can you imagine how worried she is? As a human being its my duty to make sure that she has a roof over her head and that she and her kids have food to eat, she is a member of my family and we love her dearly. Yet how do I manage if my salary is cut or no existent? How will I send her money even though she cannot work, I am her only source of survival, if I dont get paid how do I extend myself to her and her needs?

Before this pandemic, I was very comfortable. most of my needs were met and I honesty lived a pretty protected lifestyle. As a single mother to an 11 year old and a woman that financially has a household to single-handedly keep afloat, but on top of that my domestic worker and her family is my responsibility too as she too is single-handedly keeping herself afloat. It’s a domino effect really, if I crash she crashes and I simply cannot have this situation play out in the worst case scenario.

This pandemic will undoubtedly change the world forever, we don’t know how, but things will never be as they once were. In times like this where worry creeps in, where not much is in our control, I look to God, the maker of us all, whether you believe in God or not, when challenges are out our hands and we can only do very little to make change, I look to the creator of everything that is alive, at life itself and I call for mercy, I call for peace, I call for sympathy. I am so thankful for the life I have been blessed with thus far and when things have been tasked to me I try my best to follow the call that I hear through the whispers of life.

It’s in times like these however that our true character shines through and who we actually are will show. To those that are not willing to sacrifice their freedom for the good of mankind and still go for runs, walks and swims in public areas when the rest of the country is trying to fight an enemy that is yours too, your character and selfishness is being shown to the world. In the end, while we are trying to overcome obstacles like survival, it is you, that feels the struggle of every South African is beneath you and that you are too self important to follow rules and regulations. We see you. You lose the respect of the nation when you are so self absorbed in your own needs that the needs of those less privileged than you become obsolete. We see you, and we pray that you have a change of heart because when you actually open your eyes and see how the earth is crying because so much life has been lost, when you stop for just a moment in your bubble of self absorption and see that over 100 000 people have lost their lives and families are mourning the death of their loved ones from afar. I pray that as you take your jog and possibly spread and move around a virus unknowingly because you touched something, or someone, that the pain of every potential person you could infect due to your stupidity finds it’s way to your heart and helps you to change your mind about being the self absorbed human that you are portraying yourself to be. I can only pray for your change of heart, that you change your mind and realize the potential damage you could be doing to all of us that have mouths to feed and that do not have the privilege of unlimited financial resources. That you heed the cries of children that have lost their parents and parents that have lost their children, along with the cries of those that were already struggling before this pandemic hit us and now they are at a point of all hope being lost in hunger and pain as their lives and what little they had to begin with fall to pieces with little or nothing they can do to prevent it.

I’m worried that these inconsiderate people will be the reason I can’t go back to work along with the rest of South Africa, the reason this lock down will keep getting extended, the reason the spread of this virus will not come to a halt and the reason I will run out of savings and whatever funds I was able to put away for this type of emergency. My money will stretch to a certain extent, yes, but it too will come to a complete end and then what, what do we do then? How does my helper eat then? How does my family eat then? Who will pay my rent? these are the questions going through minds of the majority of people in the world that actually have to get up and work for a living, where no work means no pay, and no pay means no food and no shelter.

For the love of humanity and the survival of our people, before we start losing lives to starvation as well as this pandemic, can we just do our part and stay the f*#! at home people. Don’t be that person that feels they are beyond this, you are not.

Live your life responsibly please, our lives are in your hands.



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