My Lock-down inspiration

It’s not easy to be productive when you are home and have fallen into the cycle of late nights and sleeping in every day. However today am inspired by the many talented people who are being an inspiration to the world despite their circumstances. What I found is that the more I watch these people on social media platforms share themselves through their talents to keep the world spirits up and to do what they can to make their mark in the midst of this crisis. We can only control ourselves and what we do. So its up to us not to fall into the lazy trap and just binge on everything that we can find.

Food is meant to provide us with nourishment and give our bodies energy to perform at its best. It’s not meant to keep us busy while we are bored. If you are going to eat out of boredom then expect your energy levels to drop because too much food does more harm than good to our bodies.

I read once that if you find yourself bored it means that you are not making enough of an effort to be your best and to grow because there are never enough books to read or online courses to take, there are always ways to self assess and make moves to create change no matter how small in your life. Boredom is a reflection of the choices that you are making for your life, and the way to overcome that is by taking the time to assess why you don’t have the motivation to improve yourself and instead choose to call it boredom.

I write about this because I too fall into lazy spells where days go by and I have done nothing to improve myself and binge watching series or movies is all I can bring myself to do. I’m lucky enough though to have friends that remind me to be productive and to make an effort. I also have access to the internet where I get to watch all these inspiring connections being made, where DJ’s from all over the world continue to play sets online, dance teachers continue to offer free classes online and musicians are not only sharing information but collaborating in singing songs to keep the world positive and hopeful.

I’ve been in isolation for 24 days today, first it was self isolation after my attendance to a festival to keep whatever germs I may or may not have been carrying to myself, but now it’s because of the national lock down that the entire country has to adhere to. It hasn’t been too much of a daunting task to stay home because I’m blessed with a garden big enough to keep me sane and to take a walk when I need to. However I have definitely not been as productive as I normally am, and its time to step up and begin to make the changes in my daily routine to boost productive energy. How am I going to do this? Well I have to start with self care. If I don’t actually take care of myself an my body how can I be productive? So starting today I have to find the motivation to exercise in some way, whether it be yoga, dancing ,weights, skipping or even just a good skipping session. I’ve already made changes to go back to my healthy eating habits because the carbohydrate overloading was making me uncomfortable and just bloated. So that one seems to be under control. I also need to make time to read every day, instead of screentime, I need to take time to read a book, challenge my brain a bit to use its imagination and to create its own pictures instead of the tv or laptop just doing it for me. Household chore that I have been avoiding are getting tackled one at a time because my helper is also on lockdown and I am left to do it all. Maing sure to prepare healthy meals every day keeps me bouncing around in the kitchen happily to my favorite playlists.

So it’s time for me to improve myself where I can every day and to use this time to make the most of all the things I won’t be able to focus on when its back to the hustle and bustle of life as we once knew it. I call on you to look at the choices you are making every day and to ask yourself what positive changes can you look into making while you have this downtime. How are you using this time to improve your family life or to reach out to people who you normally would not have the time to reach out to. Make that call, read that book, play that game your kid has been asking you to play for so long, make that video you keep putting off or do that online course that you said you didn’t have enough time to do. There is nothing but time now, to focus on all the things that are not on your radar when you have a full time job to do. Write that book you started and didn’t finish!

Live your life even staying home turns out to be harder than you thought. Live your best life anyway!


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