It’s a war we can win

There is a fight going on between light and darkness. Anger vs calm, fear vs peace, joy vs sadness and love vs hate. This is not a new fight, its been here since the beginning of time, but it looks like the source of darkness has upped its game a notch or 50. The world is in chaos, literally. People are living in fear, fear of an invisible enemy, one that came to steal joy from those that are joyful by killing those that are weak.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the statistics of this Covid 19 virus that has us all on our knees, it’s real, it’s here and its out to infect whoever it can get to. The call is to stay at home, this virus doesn’t have legs, we are its legs, and by moving around we move it around. We risk either touching something that it’s sitting on, or we risk sharing it with our fellow friends unknowingly because we have it on our hands. Don’t touch your face they said (this is impossible) so at the very least we need to wash our hands as often as possible and keep the surfaces in our homes disinfected because you will never know what you have brought into your home at this point. You have to behave as if you have it on you all the time, you have to behave as if every cough you let out and every sneeze you have is spreading this virus everywhere and you have to do your bit to contain it as much as you possibly can. You have to remember that everything you touch outside of your home is a possible carrier including yourself. Just because you don’t have the virus doesn’t mean you can’t carry it around and bring it home to your family and your loved ones. You have to be made aware, you have to try and do what you can to kill this virus off.

The reality is that our weak are dying and even the slightest infection is a torturous affair, where you find yourself with the risk of fighting off a virus that trying to take over as much of your lung power as it possibly can. Breathing is how we live, without breath we die. If we cannot get enough oxygen into our lungs we suffocate and die. This enemy is trying to suffocate us, to dim our light and finally extinguish it, but we cant allow it to win like this, we have to put our big girl panties on and our big boy undies on and we have to kick this things butt.

It’s not a virus that we can take lightly just because we are not weak or because we will most likely not die. Before too long you will know someone who knows someone that has died of this virus, and not too long after that, you yourself will know someone that has died of this virus. Please note, you probably already know someone that is infected or has been infected and has already recovered, because this thing is everywhere. The good news is that it cannot live forever, it dies if it doesn’t find a host to devour, it dies even if it does find a host. The bad news is the more we choose to move around the more we are helping the enemy kill our neighbor and infect our friends and family.

Please, for the sake of humanity, for the sake of the poor and the weak, who don’t have the means to fight this like you and I who are strong, please for this time of lock down stay put and protect those around you by not contributing any more than you already have to to the spread of this thing.

I’m not writing this to install fear in you, fear is another tool used to destroy the world, I’m writing this so you can have the information that you need to do the right thing, not only for you and your family but for me and my family too.




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