My challenge 2020 edition

Last year I challenged myself to lose 17kgs I started the year weighing 92 kg’s and by the end of May 2019 I was 84.1 Kg’s, just a few grams away from my actual halfway mark. I didnt track my progress after this date but I do know that there was a Croatia trip involved and boy was I not watching my eating habits on that trip. Before I knew it the numbers on the scale were climbing again and by January 2020 I was weighing 89 kgs again. A mere 3 kgs from where I started my health challenge in 2019. It’s safe to say that I did not reach my goals in 2019 and somewhere along the road I lost my motivation to push, and then discipline went out the window.

So I started this year at 89 kilograms and as everybody seems to do they get on a scale after the holidays and torture themselves with all the weight they have put on. I joined the party this year and boy did my eyes open really wide. I made a decision to make healthier choices and not hold myself to any goal or standard, but being human I still had that 75kg goal at the back of my mind. I realise that I work well when I motivate myself with realities and reward myself with each small step I take. So far I have read up about my blood type and realise that I have been eating so many things that are bad for me even if they are healthy for someone else.

I am not on a diet, I have simply made a few changes in what does not agree with my body and given it a chance to prove itself right or wrong. I feel less bloated and I feel alot more energetic when I am excluding the the food that does not agree with me. I cheated last week, and oh boy have I been suffering. Headaches, bloated and I have learnt that my body really does not like wheat at all.

Following these changes my weight is down to 84,3 kgs. Almost 5 kilograms down in just under 2 months. It’s an achievement for me because I am very uncomfortable in an overweight body, not only because of how I look but how I feel. My knees get affected and my back. I am happier with less weight to carry around and my body moves with so much more ease. I can truly feel the difference already and the change in my energy levels with each kg that drops off me.

Since I have made a change in what I put into my body, I have realised that I really should be more mindful of what I eat. Not for cosmetic reasons but for my health too. There is nothing better than being healthy and being able to do a task without struggling with aches and pains caused by extra weight.

Someone told me to embrace my curves, and if I actually had curves I really would embrace them, but I get bigger square not curvy and my waitsling dissappears, So in order for me to have any type of curve I have to remove the body fat from my waisteline… I love curves on a womens body, but let’s remember that we are not all built the same and we have to embrace the body that we have and be the best version of who we are.

So my challenge to you and to myself is to love ourselves as we are, with all the extras or lack of extras that we come with, but in loving ourselves we have to be healthy first and foremost. We must love ourselves enough to change what we can for the healthier and accept what we can’t change and have enough knowledge about our bodies to know the difference… Yes I used a prayer and changed it up.

Live your life healthy, be your best.

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