I used to look for love in all the wrong places, because I didnt really understand how to love and how to be loved. I struggled with receiving love from friends and family because, well… life. I’m not gonna go into how I should have had this and didn’t have that, and blame people that should have given me x and gave me y instead. No, because who I am today is a direct result of everything that I have lived in my past. How I love now is a direct result of how I couldn’t love back then.

Lets not confuse what I’m discussing as romantic love. To me romance happens naturally based on a mutual connection that grows and it takes time to evolve into what you can call being “In Love”. You can’t be in love with someone that you dont know. You can be in lust with them, attracted to them yes, but romantic love… it takes time, and work, along with a solid foundation of understanding and respecting each other for who each person truly is. Jumping in the sack doesn’t mean love, kissing doesn’t mean love. Love is more than physical attributes and hotness levels of the other human. Does he or she make and effort, do they show up, do they keep promises, are they consistent and do they ensure that you are confident in your place and position in their lives?

OK. Back to what I’m actually talking about, love in general. People get awkward around love? Why? If I love you, it means you hold a special place in my heart and I cherish the relationship we have and the person you are. Telling the people that you love how you feel strengthens relationships. Why do we wait till death or sickness to realise how we could have shared more and loved more openly. The world needs to open their hearts more. Love surrounds us all, lets embrace it and open our hearts more. The ocean is filled with love, the trees, flowers and even animals. Why do we choose not to emerse ourselves with this overflow of happiness and instead drown our lives in stress, anger and awkwardness. If you are with the right people you can relax because you know that they have got you.

Let go of the past by embracing now. Forgive those that hurt you and free yourself of the hold they have over you. Love is so much better than playing games with life. One day your life will end and how will you be remembered? Will you have been loved or will you be resented.

Just live your life with love. Fill it up with everything around you and be your best. I personlly love my tribe, I would not change them for anything!!

I love life.


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