Embracing Now

Today is my last day to be in my 30’s. Tomorrow is a new decade for me, my new chapter, the next leg of my life. I am truly being tested though, with many things being placed in front of me to try and shift my peace, but I am not that weak, and the world needs to know that when peace is rooted deep inside your soul, no amount of tugging can move it. I will always stay rooted in the peace that I have fought so hard to find.

Yes sometimes I am stirred by people’s behaviour and want to react, but I seem to have mastered pulling myself together. No amount of testing is going to get a reaction out of me… Not today. You probably thinking what is going on? She’s rambling but not telling us. Let’s just say; people sometimes seem to go on power trips and want to control other people… I am not a person that responds well to people trying to control me in any way. I am grown, I control myself. You don’t see me out there controlling what other people do.

So I find myself having to breath through this day, to remember who I am and how I react is in my control ALWAYS. Shrugging off negativity and embracing the positive is what I choose. Embracing NOW and appreciating NOW, because tomorrow is never promised, only today, only NOW. I am blessed and one power driven person does not get to shift my focus or my peace.

Thank you all for taking the time out of your lives to share this time with me. I appreciate you.

Live your life embracing NOW.



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