New Chapter Ahead

3 years ago I made a choice between a deskjob and my sanity. I chose my sanity. I knew the risk was great, I was giving up a stable job with benefits for the unknown. Yes I saved and planned to take a year off to find myself in the chaos of this world. 3 years later I can say it was definately the best decision I had ever made. The career change was drastic and the satisfaction in the challenges I am faced with makes every day worth it.

I want to say ‘look at me now’, look at the staircase of my life, each step I take in an upward direction, making moves and changes and just embracing life as it comes. Walking through doors that once scared me into silence and speaking at tables I was once not even invited to sit at. I may not be where I want to be as yet, but I certainly am on my way. I may not have found what I am looking for just yet, but I have found so much more along this path that is true to who I am and my purpose.

People put so much pressure on themselves when they feel that they cant, instead of realising that even what seems impossible is worth a try because you never know what you might find at the end of that can’t once you change into “let me try”.

It’s taken a village to open my eyes, a tribe of people that I celebrated in my previous post. Each one contributing in their own way to showing me love, light and helping me find my way. Next week I turn 40, it’s a new chapter for me. It’s a new direction for me and it’s my time to take everything that I have been pushing to learn and to start enjoying the rewards for a while.

One of the members of my tribe gave me this to think on, and I dont know if he realises the impact he has when he says these things but here it is: ” you 40 cause man made up that time frame. Although you cant change it on your ID you dont have to let it change how you think or feel“… Mind absolutely blown! This human seriously throws me into some deep waters when I’m feeling a little shallow.

Here I am celebrating my tribe again. They have no age limits, or personality requirements, some are 20, others are retired. None of this matters because very single human in my space and in my life has everything I need and more no matter which side of the age line they happen to fall. None of it matters, I love them all, I treasure them all and I would not be here today if not for them.

My 30’s chapter is coming to a close, it was a learning chapter, a growing chapter and a chapter of change. It was the chapter that I put so much work into healing that it changed me. It was was one of the most important chapters that I have lived through so far. Who knows what 40 will bring? I dont know but I can tell you that its gonna be one hell of a ride. One week left of 30’s, presents coming in already… let the celebrations begin!

Live your best life! Who cares how old you are, dont stop for anyone!


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