Dont wait, appreciate.

One of the lessons I learned this weekend is not to wait for other people to lift you up or get you moving, you have to snatch up the opportunities as they come or you will miss out on so much. Another lesson is, if you surround yourself with trustworthy consistent people then you can trust that they will be consistent in the role that they play in your life or that their friendship/relationship with you is never something you have to doubt.

If you have been promised something by an individual that doesn’t deliver and you get offerered assistance by someone else, you cannot hold onto the undelivered promise; especially if they have let you down continuously. You have to put yourself first and walk through the doors that open for you. Life will continue to open doors that you are ready to walk through, fear will always do its best to hold you back and make you doubt yourself. You have to push through the fear.

People that consistently let you down or keep you waiting are not people that respect you or your time. Surround yourself with humans that appreciate you and the time you set aside to be with them. This way when you do spend time with people, it’s always time well spent and worth every minute. I may only have a handful of people I allow in my intimate circle now, but they are a well chosen few and I’m so blessed to have them.

My cup runs over, thank you for all the blessings.

Live your life with trustworthy people.



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