Everyone needs someone

We are not built to live in isolation. Humans are social beings. being isolated can open gates to many unnecesary dark corners in your mind that feed off each other and cause people to do things they would not have normally done if they were not so isolated from the world.

I’m writing about this because I have isolated myself many times and I find that it’s in those periods of isolation that my dark moments come out more regularly than they should. I begin to feed off my negativity and it is a dangerous space to be in. Having someone to share your life with is so vital to our well being. In the form of friends, family or partners. There has to be a level of interaction and love in our lives for us to function on a healthy level.

When my person past away I was lost for a very long time. I was lucky to have surrounded myself with more than one friendship to lean on when my heart was broken, because they carried me through the pain of losing a vital person in my life. I went into darkness regularly and was pulled out by love and support of friends and family. I don’t even want to think about what could have happened had I not had such a strong support base.

If you are alone, I wish you could understand that you dont have to be. There people out there that reach out and want to share themselves with you. You just have to open your heart to the possibilities of allowing a person into your space. We are not built for living alone, it has this habit of driving us insane. Isolation is used as a punishement, so why do we punish ourselves by isolating ourselves from the world and all the love it has to offer. Yes there is eveil, but if you look for evil you will find evil, if you look for good then good people will find you. Give yourself a chance and reach out, it will make the world of a difference in your life.

Everybody needs somebody, even those people that think they are good on their own. Open your heart to the love of the world and the love of the world will surround you with hugs in the form of warmth and beauty. Let mother earth hug you with her warmth and share her love with you.

Live your life in the warm embrace of love.



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