Open your mind to more

I’ve being trying to do better with opening myself up to new and different possibilities for a while now. So far it’s taken me to places I’ve never been before and it has me bonding with people I would never have given a chance before. It has also helped me to open my eyes to the general nature of people outside of my norm and I realsied that people are generally kind and considerate in nature with the odd exeption obviously. However the majority seem have a general kindness in them helping me to understand that if you are surround by judgy unkind people you are in an unnatural environment and should remove yourself from that. Especially if you find yourself becoming like them.

Looking outside of your usual boundaries can be scary yes, I would know because I found comfort in my negative space and to have to recieve love and warmth was very uncomfortable for me for the longest time. A gentleman was assumed to be flirting because guys were only nice if they wanted something in my old life, until I stepped out of it and realised that being nice was just a part of having a good nature. I could be nice without people assuming it was because I wanted something. Do you know how long it took me to get out of this mindset. It’s so sad to know that there are good people living in bad environments that mask their goodness to the point of invisibility and all they allow the world to see is this hard exterior that refuses to crack. All in the name of self preservation, survival and protection. The closed doors that they face all because they cannot open themselves up to vulnerability. It makes me look at the world I grew up in and just want to shout from the mountain tops that its ok to love, not everyone is that guy or that girl or that friend that did you wrong. The pain isn’t forever, you dont have to protect yourself from EVERYONE. There are so many amazing humans that will love you if you just let them. And that is where the key to the door lies, you have to let them. You cant pretend like you dont need anyone and inside be screaming for love and affection. You have to give love and affection and it will find its way to you in ten fold. You have to let the doors be opened and allow your life to progress. You have to push your boundaries, get on that flight and find and adventure. Meet new people, learn new cultures and just embrace what the world has to offer. If you stay where you are, you will never learn more than what you see around you everyday. You have to look for new things and find new ways to earn your way through life. You have to push past what holds you back and push towards more. Because there is more out there, more of everything you dream of. You just have to believ in yourself and go for it.

Live you life with more in mind, always. Be better, do better, live better.



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