Sometimes I look at the world and think, what is the point of all of this. We can’t all just be here running around trying to pay bills and impress everyone with untruths. When you get down to the nitty gritty of your life, have you ever really wondered why you are here? Does there even have to be a why? Can it all just be pointless? I met someone a few years back that truly believes everything is pointless. How do you live a full happy life when you believe that nothing matters? How does that level of emptiness actually feel? Convincing yourself that you are free of burden by believing that nothing matters. OK if nothing matters why do you do everything in your power to keep your kids alive? Or to keep your pets alive? Or why do you water your plants? Why bother getting up in the morning to earn a living if none of it actually matters?

I cannot allow myself to fall into this trap of non belief. What I believe is that we have built in internal systems for a reason. Fight or flight reflexes for a reason. We have to follow our natural instincts and our internal guide to find our way and to stay alive. We use it to protect our families, for a reason. we may not have the reason but we cannot go through this life believing that its pointless, because if it was then we all mights well not bother to eat, drink or move and just die. We eat food and drink water for a reason – to live. We protect our families because we have a built in connection to them, its called love. We get up and do everything we can to survive and to live our best lives because we want to be successful for our families more than for ourselves. We take care of trees, because they give us Oxygen and we will die without them. If it was pointless then we wouldn’t need to bother because dying would just be one of those things, but its not. When someone dies we feel sadness and loss, because we have a connection to them somehow. Just because we cant explain it doesnt mean it isn’t there. All you have to do is pay close attention to feeling the world around you, closing your eyes and taking the time to connect to yourself, to nature, to life for you to know that everything has a purpose, there is a reason and nothing is pointless.

There is a lesson in every failure, making failure useful. There is satisfaction in being surrounded by love and knowing you belong. Everything is full of purpose, you just have to look deeper, stop being distracted by unnatural things, social media is not life, without it you will not die. Trees are life though, without them you will certainly die. Learn to appreciate the beauty of the world around you, the purpose of each LIVING thing and connect yourself to them. Surely this way, you simply cannot believe that there is no point. When you see how connected we all are, how we need each other to survive, how our energies move from one to another and how we can share positive energy with someone who needs it.

You just have to stop for longer than a minute, to breathe and connect or you will miss it and what a sad thing that will be if you go through this life missing all the beauty that we have been given for free.

Live your life connected to nature.



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