To big happy changes

It’s my first post of the year and I’m really excited to get back into it, my break was well deserved and I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to enjoy such a magnificent festive season. I hope that you all were out there living your best lives this festive and staying true to you! If not, its never to late to try and make those changes because every day brings you to new beginnings and a fresh new start.

I chose to enter my 2020 year in high energy and the New year squad was just what I needed. Positive energy vibes all around me, full support in every aspect of who I am, and just plain reallness. Teary speeches, leaving my mascara running down my face but, no problem because we had a make up rescue genius on hand. Look, it’s so important to surround yourself with positive energy, but also to know that if for a moment you have a small hiccup and a song decides to tug at your heartstrings in public, that the same level of energy is put into caring hugs and warm smiles so that the dip of energy lasts just for a moment. When they let you feel what you are feeling and immediately pick you up by just being themselves… this is what friendship is. This is what I have surrounded myself with! Good people, living their best lives, making changes to themselves and to the world one moment at a time.

My life has made a full postive turnaround, if I think of where I was 5 years ago and 5 years before that and even before that the growth in me has been exponetial and at one point last year I panicked because I felt like everything was happening way too quickly, but all it took was a breathing moment and for me to allow myself to feel and express myself instead of avoiding it. I didn’t believe in Tammy back then, now I am my greatest supporter, I know that with hard work and determination everything is possible. If I learn to celebrate the little things before I know it, all those little things add up to a huge step in the right direction. To this day people have negative things to throw at me, the difference now is that I don’t take them to heart anymore and their words move past me so quickly that I hardly even notice. You teach people how to treat you and if someone is treating you badly the only response is to remove yourself from their negative space, that way they will have the opportunity to either see the error of their ways or to continue spewing negative everything somewhere else.

2019 was an amazing year and 2020 is going to be an even better one. TO BIG HAPPY CHANGES was the cheers/toast to our new year! I’m all about fresh starts and new beginnings, I don’t care if you use the beginning of the year as a reason or the beginning of a month. Just as long as you start somewhere, no matter how small, because everything counts in the the long run. I’m so excited to see what this year will unfold for everyone and I cant wait to watch the people around me grow into themselves and find success in who they are. It’s going to be spectacular just to be a part of and to witness!

I’m so ready for this year! Are you?

Live your life ready for everything!




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