This Christmas

It’s Christmas eve and the world has pulled out all the stops in preparation for tomorrow. Some people are rushing through last minute shopping, others are home prepping for the meals they have planned, others have to work and are at their respective jobs, just doing what they need to do in order to survive, wishing they were home but understanding the importance of being employed and committing themselves to the tasks they have promised to fulfill. Then there are people who are alone, with nobody to celebrate with, some are homeless and others have been abandoned by their loved ones and others have lost loved ones and long for their presence, holding onto the memories for dear life.

This christmas while you celebrate, lets be joyful and full of cheer. Lets also be kind to EVERYONE not just those we see fit for kindness. It’s a time for love and hope, so create hope where you can and spread love how you can. It may even change your life! It’s so important to be mindful of others even in our time of celebration, because not everyone has what you have and not everyone is as strong as you are. Give more, live more, love more, laugh more and sing more this Christmas.

Travel safely to all your destinations and have an absolute blast! Merry Christmas everyone! It’s time to rest up re-assess our lives and plan for the future. Lets be better next year, lets do more and live larger!

Happy Holidays to all of you.



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