Mambo Con Son

It seems dance will always be a part of me and curiosity definitely keeps me close by, no matter what challenges I may or may not face it always brings me in full circle right back to dancing! It’s only those that have a love for something that will truly understand how it feels to have something connect to you in ways that nothing else does! As you all have gathered by now writing is my number 1 love and that is why you are here because I believe that sharing my love for everything life is vital in this world! So I’d like to offer an extension to those who share my 2nd love … dance, to find something special in the New Year, something they wont regret!

Dance may be my 2nd love next to writing but it definitely is the heart and soul of Mambo City’s Jean and Robert White! These two are amazing at what they do! Organising events to bring dance communities together and not only teach dance but also live through dance. Earlier this year for the first time ever Mambo City held an event called Mambo Con Son. It was first of its kind, different to their many, many events that they have held over the years. This event was unique in the sense that the Weekend was for dancers who dance On2, want to learn On2, or want to connect to the timing and rhythm of Son. They brought together some of the leading dancers in the world of Cuban and New York Dance and their workshops used live percussion to aid with understanding of the rhythms and timing.

The event was so successful that they decided to do it again next year, January to be exact and the response has been through the roof! It’s clear why though; focusing on just On2 is not something that is common and assisting On1 students with the transition between the 2 is not always the easiest, so a weekend like this is truly important, not only for the students who wish to transition but also for those that love On2 and just wanna splurge without having to give in to the occasional dance partner who isn’t familiar at all. Lessons with live percussions are magical, as they teach you the elements of the music as well; I experienced this previously and found it to assist me with understanding the music more than I did previous to the lessons!

I personally would give my left toe to be able to share this experience with Mambo City because it sounds simply out of this world amazing! I had a look at the line-up and boy is everybody in for a treat! They have Maykel Fonts & Sylvia Chapelli, Adolfo Indacochea & Lorenita, Tania Cannarsa, Osbanis Tejeda & Anneta Kepka, Anne &Anichi, Delia Madera, Luanda Pau Baquero, Damarys & Juan Carlos, DJ Julian The Duke, DJ Rumbero, DJ Dmitri, DJ Tuli, Abu (Pachanga) Gibril, Julian Summers and Olu Kongi. Look I may be biased because some of my favourites appear on this list, but let me just say that this weekend will definately be worth every cent and all the effort to get there! I recommend getting your tickets ASAP and planning your trip if you are not located in London. I see no better way to start the New year than with a fresh dose of Con Son!

Your excitement should be through the roof because these kinds of weekends really do make a huge difference to your progression in dance, whether you are still crawling like me or flying like the listed stars of the weekend, it always pays off to take the time to invest in your self and your love for everything dance and music. So if I have made your feet itchy and you just have to go and see what I’m on about I suggest you go to where you will find all of the information that you need! Book your tickets through Eventbrite (which you also find on ) and plan your first weekend of January (03rd to 06th Jan 2020) to be one filled with the chemistry of dance! It will absolutely blow your mind!

You can also find all the information you need about Mambo city on feel free to browse and feed your curiosity. You will not be dissapointed!

P.S. I wrote this piece because Robert and Jean are two of the most genuine souls I know, and I honestly believe that taking the time to share this experience with them will be an investment to not only your dancing but to your soul.


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