Pushing through

I have wanted to give up on my dreams oh so many times, because its really tough to hang in there and push through the hard times. Nobody ever really wants to admit that they struggle, they prefer to just silently suffer in the darkness of their minds; some never break through but there are some that always do. Have you ever found yourself in total admiration of the strength and determination that those who push through their pain and come out on the other side acquire.

People often look at the rich and famous and think; how lucky they are! If you look closely you will realise that it has nothing to do with luck at all, most of them are just average people like you and I who have pushed so hard against the grain that they eventually made it through to the other side. They didn’t give up, they cried their tears, slept in their cars, moved in with their mothers, slept on peoples couches and even went hungry before they got to where they are now. I love how their stories are now told to help others going through hard times in order to motivate them to push through. It’s important to share you progress if you know it will help others come closer to finding themselves.

When I was growing up I didn’t really have anyone to help me push through my pain, as a result I dwelled in it for the first 25 years of my life. I just accepted fate to be what I had percieved it to be. I was not surrounded by people who lifted me up and pushed me in ways that I responded to. I did however find it fascinating how people who had nothing, broke through and found something in themselves to work with even when it seemed like they had nothing. It was definately too good to be true. I dont want to mention any names because there are just too many to mention, and I dont care how many haters there are in the world, because when I hear the success stories of others and I see how the world has a way of giving you what you ask for in its time not in your time, but you still get what you ask for in some way, shape or form. It’s so difficult to believe in yourself when everyone around you keeps telling you its impossible, who do you think you are and why on earth you would want to do something so ridiculous. I’ve learned that the people closest to you will be your greatest deterent, they will tell you everything you DON’T need to hear and then a complete stranger will come your way and say everything you need to hear in a positve light and help you to keep pushing through.

It’s all about knowing your pain, accepting your pain and then healing it through forgiveness, peace and understanding. Knowledge is key, you must know your enemy before you can destroy it, don’t just go in blindly and hope for the best. It’s not easy to do the actual work on yourself, nothing is, but as you rid yourself of one bad habit at a time, one dark space at a time, one bad relationship at a time, you will find that over a few years of building yourself up and pushing your pain out that you have the clear mind to start creating a new foundation, one that isn’t build on pain anymore but on peace , love and joy; one that has a full understanding of what you intend to build and therefore is structured to hold everything your dreams are made of. Sounds amazing, I know, but first youhave to clear out the clutter, push out the dirt and breathe in the fresh airomas of a clean slate.

Push through your pain, find your peace and heal your wounds, know who you are when you come out on the other side and then live everyday being that person, no matter who tells you not to.

Live your life in the fullness of you.


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