Taking responsibility

Allowing yourself to process a disagreement is really vital to your growth and understanding of yourself. It’s when we overlook the confusion or the pain and pretend that it doesn’t exist, that we create a negative space for darkness to grow in our hearts. I was inspired to write about this because I had an experience yesterday that opened my eyes to something I mostly overlooked.

Meeting new people can be a smooth ride or a bumpy one, depending on the circumstances. Due to my life experiences I have always found it easier to just remove someone when I feel that they are not in alignment with my journey, what I failed to realise that in some instances it’s important to also have the uncomfortable conversation with that person if they are important to you and try to see where their hearts are actually at. Maybe if they hear what you have to say they will actually understand and instead of losing a person you will gain a stronger relationship. I have been removing myself from people’s lives without even giving them the opportunity to defend themselves or even telling them how I feel so they can be made aware of why I removed myself.

I am grateful to have been called out yesterday by a new friend, where I was ready to pull myself out completely and not even think twice, and the question was raised… How are you going to deal with a relationship or a partnership in the future if you can’t discuss differences in opinion when they happen and you just ignore and go silent avoiding the situation entirely? I see the importance now of pushing through and having the courage to say what you feel and thereafter you can decide if the friendship or relationship is for you or not. I have walked out of too many friendships without a discussion, not because I couldn’t have one, but because I didn’t want to face the confrontation that could possibly create chaos for that moment. I see now that this is a cowardly thing to do and not only is it unfair to the other person but also to myself because I have been avoiding how I really feel about that person or situation and just “sweeping my feelings under the carpet”.

My eyes have been opened and my courage has been increased and I am really grateful to have this layer of truth exposed for now I have a responsibility to face confrontation instead of shying away from it. I truly believe that once you have the truth in your hands it’s your responsibility to follow that truth and to always keep it in your path to finding your true self and growing into the person you were created to become. Once you know a thing, you cannot UN-know that thing; it will forever change how you see the world to be.

I do still believe that respect goes a long way and just because you disagree with a person does not meant you have to be disrespectful towards them, because how you treat others really is a mere reflection of how you feel about yourself.

Live your life always respecting yourself and others.


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