Can I just start this post by acknowledging the importance of everyone who reads these insights and adds value to my writing by showing interest. When I first began this process I told myself if more than 2 people show interest in what I have to say outside of my close friends, then I will continue, because when you have the ability to engage with a complete stranger through just being yourself and sharing who you are and especially if you are able to add value to a persons life, then it is your duty to follow through with what you have started no matter how challenging it becomes or how lazy you feel. Actually I also said “one person” because I truely didn’t believe that anyone would be interested! Boy was I wrong!

What I have begun to understand is that no matter how hard we try we can never stop being who we are. It finds ways to surface, whether we like it or not. I had a serious conversation with a good friend of mine yesterday and part of that talk helped me to realise the importance of creating your own flow as opposed to drifting along with the general current of wherever the people around you will take you based on chance. I used to float around a few years back and hope for something or someone to come along and create a change in my life or for a miracle to happen. Someone did come along… It was me, I helped myself. I created the change I needed, I resigned from a position that I felt was holding me hostage in a mindset I needed to escape, I saved money to be free for a year and to explore my options and I found the courage to do what was best for me. I created my own flow.

If I had not made those choices and found the courage to make those changes I would not have the opportunities I have now, I would not have the freedom I have now. Freedom to be myself and to express myself and even though I am not where I aim to be, I am where I am meant to be to learn the lessons I need to learn and to find the new level of strength and courage in this new chapter I find myself in! You see, I know what the end goal looks like, I am doing everything I know how to get there and I know that if I keep on pushing and keep on trying I will continue to create a rhythm and a path that leads directly to where I envision myself to be. I create my own flow, while at the same time going with the flow of nature and using what the universe provides. Yes I pray alot, yes I breathe when I’m ovewhelmed. I also cry when I fail and pick myself up after I have processed my emotions.

This path is not one of ease and comfort. Its messy, its difficult and it can be dam overwhelming. However when you reach each milestone and you see how all that effort you put in gets rewarded with success, then all the tears become worth the victory, and believe me each victory deserves a celebration, it deserves acknowledgement… no matter how small.

Create your own flow, you decide who you are and who you want to be. Don’t let the world tell you who it wants you to be, because before you know it, this journey will be over and you would still be lost in the abyss of man, trapped in the emptiness of his acceptance and forever looking for something or someone to fill the emptiness you feel inside that only you can fill with finding the real reason you are here and following the script that you have written for yourself.

Live your life in your own flow. #tamstame



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