What you believe matters!

The only thing thats guarenteed is death and taxes? This is what I constantly hear from people when expectations are not met. As I think on it, it becomes clearer every time how true this saying ACTUALLY is, because absolutely nothing is truly guarenteed. We are “winging it” through this life, grasping at straws and holding onto whichever concept works for us at that moment, but who truly knows?

This piece was inspired by a picture of a lady entering “Heaven” and hugging Jesus and it occurred to me that even this may not look like what we percieve it to look like. The picture of Heaven and Hell that has been painted in our hearts and minds may not look like what we think it looks like. The picture of marriage that has been planted in our minds may not even be what it looks like, just what we made it up to be along the way.

Things are constantly changing as the years go by, nothing really stays the same, so if you look at the greater scheme of things a question asked to me by someone last year re enters my thought process… “does any of it actually matter in the end?”

Man has created the need for money , its become a necessary evil required for survival, it gives strength to the rich and takes strength from the poor. People with money are treated better becasue they have more to offer and people without it are starving to death because without currency they cannot eat. Land is now something that is so controlled that people cannot freely move around the earth as they wish because borders have been put up and if you dont have money you cannot cross them.

It makes me look at everything that I do for survival and it makes me scared for my grandchildren and what they will have to endure. It’s not a matter of surviving the wild anymore and we dont have to worry about wild animals. It’s our own kind that threaten us, it’s our own kind that we have to be alert around and it’s our own kind that will be the death of us. We have caged the wild animals and kept them in parks, not allowing them free access to the land we are all meant to share and we cage ourselves in little boxes and then call it surviving. We work for money and then pay bills to keep what we have. the circle is so vicious that when I look at what is happening I think what the absolute F*#$!

The human race is in such a fast paced downward spiral that I don’t think they will be able to stop in time, and before we know it… there will be nothing left. Nothing left for our children to see but burnt offerings of a world we once got to enjoy. Nothing left of nature because we killed all the animals that lived with us. Nothing left of the earth because we destroyed it to the point of no return… and then what? Will we then meet our maker? Will we still get to run into the arms of our maker after we destroyed everything?

I’m struggling, I really am… to grasp the point of it all. I work hard all day and am a slave to bills so my family can be fed, educated and have a roof over their heads. Money is basically the driving force of the existence of most people and we can never have enough of it; the poor need more and the rich want more. It’s a never ending story of greed and pain that has become the new circle of life. We are born, we have a moment of actual bliss where we get to be free (because our parents are doing all the work) but then we have to go to school to learn how to function in a world created for people to fail so that the rich can stay rich and the middle class can be content with working for the rich and the poor will just stay poor because they dont have the tools to make the changes they need to make. Then in the end everybody dies and becomes the dust and then what?

I have to believe there is more! I have to believe that I am more than just a mere blink in the the greater scheme of things. I don’t care that it seems stupid to some, It has to be true, because the alternative just makes no sense to me at all. If I have to choose in believing in greater or just believing in this, I’m goint to choose that there is more to everything than just doom and gloom. I’ll rather be blissful fool than a miserable realist … Either way death will come… I’ll just be smiling more on the journey!

Live your life true to your beliefs and the rest is history, because in the end it’s what YOU believe that really matters.



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