Always remember

Always remember that nobody else is going to do this life thing for you. It’s all on you, and yes you will share it with people along the way, some will be givers and some will just take, and then you will get those well balanced individuals that know the importance of both giving and receiving.

Whenever I get into a funk about my progress I noticed that I retract myself from people. Not because I don’t value them or care but because I value myself enough to know when I need to reset myself. You know, stop, listen to your mind, body and soul and then assess what’s out of balance to make the necessary adjustments you need for progress.

Whenever I’m in a funk I always try to remember that this too shall pass and only I can make the shift needed to get out of this mind-set of being in a funk. I immediately know when I am out of balance, I don’t immediately adjust though, I have this habit of going into autopilot mode and then after blindly going through weeks of imbalance I get to a point of “no more”. Where I just can’t do it anymore and I have to snap out of it to find my balance again.

This business of sleepwalking through life is a topic discussed by many, and it is a real thing. People are like zombies going through their lives with no ambition or drive and just get through the day to get through the day. They don’t know any better and are numb to their daily routine. These people are the ones that resist change because they are very comfortable in their pain and find too much discomfort in change, even if it is a positive one. Sometimes when having conversations with this type of person I have to remember that I too once lived like this and rolled into every day just to get through and so I have to believe that the seeds of information that I could plant in a lost mind may one day grow into fruition and I have to remember that those conversations are important to have and so I need to be balanced because how will I find the patience to be my best self for these conversations if I myself cannot snap out of my own funk.

I try to remember that nobody is perfect and that everybody is doing the best they know at that moment. So just because I am at the point of moving forward and growing does not mean that everybody else is at this point with me. I have to remember that I am a work in progress and I am worthy of the work I put into myself, this way I can be a blessing to others keeping my struggle in mind while attempting to understand others.

I was in a funk for a little while, a few days of retracting didn’t hurt anyone, but I have found my way back to my balance and can continue to search for progress and share my journey with all my struggles and my success along the way. Being me was never an easy task, but as I learn to embrace myself more and more I find myself enjoying the journey and what seemed like a task at one point has now become such a joy to explore.

Happy Monday everyone, I hope the weekend brought good things your way and if it didn’t I hope you find peace in knowing that everything will work out as it should in the end. Just hang in there.

Live your life in balance.


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