Stuck in my head


Getting out of my head has proven to be an extremely difficult task, I don’t think its impossible because I win sometimes and actually set myself free of my critical mind, but when you have been criticising yourself ALL your life because you were criticised all you life its difficult to break that habit entirely in one go. It’s a creeper this habit, creeps up on you when you are most unsuspecting and boom before you even realised it you have talked yourself out of something, because your internal voice told you to stay in your lane.

This habit is covered in great detail by many life coaches, motivational speakers and even psychologists. I’ve heard it being referred to as the internal dialogue, the continuous tape playing over and over in your mind and even negative seeds that have been planted in the garden of your mind. I agree with all of these, I have even tried ALL of the methods to help break the chain. Look we all want to pick up a self help book, or go to a seminar and think its going to fix us. Let me be the one to burst your bubble… It’s NOT. The only thing thats going to fix us, is us. We have to do the work on ourselves every day to rid ourselves of this virus we have in our minds, killing our dreams day by day. Telling us we are not good enough and that we cannot do great things. The only cure is YOU. YOU have to decide that you are will to make the effort and make the changes, to do the exercises and with time I do believe it will make the biggest difference.

If I had to compare me now to me 10 years ago, I have to tell you that I am a completely different human being. Not only has my thought process changed, but with each little step that I have taken for myself, I have changed my life completely! I think differently, speak differently, I’m passionate about things now, I express myself now, I even show happiness and sadness every single time i feel them. I used to be such a cold person that was too afraid to show myself, my true self because I was afraid that the world would reject me. NOW I show myself because I ACCEPT ME and whether the world rejects me or not is not my problem, because I am here, and as long as I breath I will keep trying, keep pushing and I will keep believing.

Am I immune to rejection? Hell no! Does it hurt tremendously when I am rejected? Hell yes! Does it stop me from trying again? Sometimes, but not always… I am a work in progress and I have come a long way. Once I find my place in MY world, then I will be truly free. Once I believe 100% that everything is going to be alright then I know I will let go of that small amount of doubt that I seem to still hold onto. But I am more than halfway there. I have come a long way from where I used to be and I still have a very long way to get where I want to go. What is the key to all of this? Have a picture, have a plan, and then work your butt off to get closer to that picture or that goal. Sometimes you might not like the route you have to take! But you have to wake up every day, show up everyday and be the best that you can be at that very moment!

This morning it took everything out of me to get myself out of bed and show up for this day. EVERYTHING told me to get back into bed curl up in a ball and just sleep. But I decided to ignore this loud noise that clouded my better judgement and listen to the whisper telling me that I have work to do, that I have to push, that this is not forever and it will pass. I have to push myself harder sometimes, on those days when I feel hopeless, like today, I have to push harder, because if I dont, who is going do it for me? I have to learn to get out of my head sometimes , because if I dont, who will push me ? Who will believe in me? Who is going to convince me that ita all possible? It’s all me? Nobody else can live this life for me, I am my only hope and I have to keep trying no matter how huge the obstacle appears to be. I have to remember that perception is everything and everything is not always as they seem.

I have to believe in me and you have to believe in you. You are the one that’s goping to break your own barriers as soon as you get out of yor head!

Thank you for reading and following me. I really appreciate all of you and I love sharing myself with you.

Live your life out of your head and try to stay grounded.



  1. Tams!!! This is wonderful. Haven’t been on your page is a minute and I return to find it transformed!! AND o get to hear your voice. Thank you my friend! I see you doing this hard work and it swells my heart. Love you!!

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