Being successful

I read a few years ago that success is finding out who you are, and BEING REALLY GREAT AT THAT! Dont ask me to remember who said it, because I dont, but whoever you are, I salute you.

Success to me lies more in my inner peace than the amount of material things I have accumulated. I’m not saying that I don’t like nice things, of course I do. I am saying that I will determine my success by the level of peace I feel no matter the storm that approaches. I want to be so rooted in peace that even the roughest of storms will not uproot me. That for me is success.

Knowing myself so well that nothing can uproot me, finding my stability in who I am and not who the world thinks I am. Looking for approval from myself rather than external approval, and in that way not being too concerned with the criticism of the world outside of myself. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an arrogant approach, because I value the input of the people that I know have constructive input and are not out to put me in their respective boxes, but if they see a possible problem, they make me aware of it. I value that because those are the people that have my back and help me find solutions as well.

I am still climbing the ladder of success. I am a late bloomer, its been a very recent thing that I have discovered my value and how much I can accomplish if I just allowed myself to be who I am and stopped looking around for approval. I have to let you know though, that this journey is not for the faint hearted and it is more difficult than it sounds, to stick to the plan and to believe in your purpose and just go for it. There will always be obstacles in the form of people or finances that will try and keep you from your vision. It’s important to hold on tight and continue even when you feel like giving up. It takes momentum to reach your destination and you cannot create momentum standing still and not even trying. You have to keep pushing up that hill because there is a reward once you reach the top, once that ball starts rolling on its own, and you can watch it pick up speed knowing that it was your hard work and dedication that allowed that to happen.

I wish success was easy, but it’s not. Even when it looks easy, it”s still not. It is hard work getting there, and once you are there the responsibilities are even greater. With great success comes great responsibility (Who was it that said that? I’m so bad at remembering who said all these wise things).

Sometimes I wish that everything would just happen NOW! Then I remind myself of the responsibility that comes with everything that I am working towards and I realise that there is no rush, its OK to build on myself and learn more so that when the time comes I will be armed and ready for what I have to carry.

Live your live aiming for the success that you are looking for.



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