Joy in my heart

It’s amazing how when we have joy everything seems to fall into place and when we have sadness everything seems to fall to pieces. Yet there is always that point of change when sadness lifts and joy finds it way back into our hearts. Sometimes it’ s a quick process but depending on the depth of the sadness it may take years again to find your joy. Apparently “joy comes in the morning” because the morning is a new day, a new beginning a time to start afresh, and your “morning” could happen at any time in your life. you can start afresh right now, in the afternoon or even at night. your fresh start , your new beginning is when you decide to lift the past , release the sadness and allow joy into your heart again.

It sounds like what I’m saying is be happy… No. real joy is eternal, happiness is an emotion, a feeling, one that can leave as quickly as it came, but joy sits right in there with peace and love. It’s a root, a source. Part of the foundation you need to have before you begin to build. If you build your life without joy then how will you smile on the inside, how will you trust on the inside, how will you let go of the past? Joy definitely does come in the morning because every morning I wake up is a new day, a day for me to look at my life and say ‘this has been one hell of a ride”, through all these crazy ups and downs , the grin on my face is joy, because I’m here, and I’m happy. I made it through EVERYTHING. I didnt die, not spiritually, not emotionally and certainly not physically. I’m still here doing what I was born to do, creating what I am here to create with a heart filled with love for my life, peace in my heart and joy in my spirit.

Sometimes the universe tries to whisper things to you about who you are and you hear it, but sometimes you don’t and you need to bump your head really hard before you pay attention. This was me, God needed me to bump my head really hard for me to learn this lesson and to have this feeling. The spirit of my creator has always been in my heart, even through the rough times. I know because I felt comfort when I was alone and I managed to make it this far. Who knows what the future actually holds, I certainly do not. Yet I Plan for it like I do. If there is anything that I have learned is that the journey does not always go the way you planned it, but as long as you have a destination and a plan, as long as you have movement and good intentions then no matter how bumpy the ride may be, you are learning and growing and finding yourself along the way. Eventually you will get to where you are MEANT to be.

I believe that we create as we move and we make what we believe into our reality. The whole idea of manifesting in our external world what we feel and believe internally has been proven to be true. Proven by me, to me and for me. I know that if I am dark inside, my world outside is darkness and if I find light inside, my world outside is full of light. I also know that no matter how dark one may be internally, light can always be found, because as long as there is breath in your body then there is light in your soul, you just have to find it, it’s in there and it will only come out if you search for it.

Joy definately comes in the morning and as I look to the sunrise I see a new day, a new promise and a fresh start. In order to find your joy, you have to look for it, but before you look for it you first have to want it and then you will do everything in your power to find it.

Live your life full of joy.




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