Love is…

Love is everything that is good around you. Love is all the kindness shown to you by every living being. Love is that stranger opening a door when they absolutely didnt have to. It’s that little child that doesnt even know you but gives you the biggest sweetest smile ever. Love is the beauty of the world we have been blessed with; the trees, the seas, the birds and the bees, it’s in the air that we breathe and the songs that we sing. Love is in every kiss on the forhead, or on the cheek or on the lips. It’s in every drop of rain that falls from the clouds to nourish the earth. It’s in the eyes of your children as they watch your every move, and in the hands of your mother as she cooks your food! It’s in the actions of a friend, who sees you for you and values you for you and it’s in the hands of your father as he labours everyday to uplift his family in all that he does. It’s in the art that we create in any of its forms. It’s in the way a soul carries itself through the world and shares itself with everything it touches and when we close our eyes it’s in the pictures in our minds that always bring a smile to our lips every single time!

I’m not saying that its perfect, because sometimes love is painful and hurts us when lose it, but it’s in the pain of the loss, that we feel the intensity of the love our hearts have felt. I’m not saying that its easy, because sometimes it takes a lot of work and patience to truly love, to truly and unconditionally express love, it takes commitment, blood, sweat and so many tears. I’m not even saying that sometimes love can be more painful than hate, because who we love and what we love can sometimes be harmful to us and we have to learn to let it go when it hurts us but try not to fall into hate because love is alwasy the answer. you dont have to be in a persons space to show them love, it can be shown from a distance. Sometimes tough love is what is needed, but I think this is even more painful for the the person on the giving end because we want to take that person in our arms and fix them, but that would hurt them more and sometimes to help someone we have to push them towards helping themselves first.

Love is a tricky thing, it can bring so much joy and so much pain, but in the end I believe that this is what we are made of. The core of our existence and every living thing is made of love it is our natural instinct to love first and all the rest is learnt from pain and suffering, sometimes even survival. But in the beginning , at the core of everything and everyone, is love.

Live a life full of love and everything will flow from there.



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