Spaced out

Have you ever just had the feeling of nothingness, when your focus is faded into the distance and you are in a place of complete, well, nothingness. When you look at everything and see how no matter how hard you try it just gets harder and harder. Then you see how relief seemed to be reachable at one point but now it’s drifted off into the distance and disappeared from sight.

Now you have this life that must go on and these people that still rely on you and bills that must still be paid. You are just lost in the midst of this dream you have of floating away into the sunset and not having any of these responsibilities. A dream of freedom from this chaos that the world requires us to live in, where people are actually free, to go where they want, be who they want and live how they want without the harsh judgments that get passed onto them if they choose not to conform to the norms and standards of other people.

Where borders don’t separate us and money doesn’t dictate to us who belongs where, and how we see each other becomes a human thing, not a status driven vision. So we can have a clear vision through our spiritual eyes and not only look through our physical eyes where we see the souls of each other instead of outside appearances; we make choices based on who we are, not what we look like, because the world is full of so much body shaming and negativity even though we are not our bodies.

Sometimes my soul takes me out of this place that my body is stuck in and moves me to a place of peace and love, where dreams are a reality and I can see the world through spiritual eyes not physical ones where colours are different and feelings are a language spoken through the beauty of nature given to us by mother earth. Where energies flow through everything and the world is connected through life and nothing is discriminated against, nothing is compared and everything JUST IS.

Live your life, but take the time to see more than what the physical eye can see.


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